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We Provide the Following Services:

Welcome to TurboLingvo

Our agency was established by a group of professional translators. We offer expertise in certified document translation, as well as technical, legal and medical translation. Our translators are located all over the world. We provide:

Prompt and accurate translations.
Flexible rates and schedules.
Assistance with large projects and small documents.

What we do

We work hard to provide you with the highest quality services in all areas of our expertise.
TurboLingvo invests the effort, resources and energy necessary to attract and select the most reliable translators in countries all over the world.
The translator or team of translators who work for you will:

  • Translate only into their native language
  • Be qualified to translate documents in your specific area of interest
  • Use precise and correct terminology.

What you pay

Our rates are reasonable and flexible. Although we cut management costs, we never tighten the belt when it comes to compensation of our translators. This makes our quality-price ratio one of the best in the industry.

While a final quote can only be provided by our project manager, you can get an idea of the cost for your project based on the information presented in the Expertise and Rate tab pages. Actual costs may be slightly higher or substantially lower than your estimates —particularly in the case of technical translations.