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Summarization presents an opportunity to save your money. Consider, for example, the following:

A lawyer, doctor, government agency or any other provider or institution asks you to furnish translations of a large number of financial, legal, medical or other documents. Most likely, the specialist or agency needs only a few such documents. You can save money by providing brief summaries. Later on, we can prepare notarized translations of select documents.

You need to read a large number of books and/or articles in your native language or in a language that you don’t know, but don’t have time to review all of them. We can review and summarize them for you, and you then decide which of them you need to review in detail.

You wish to determine whether or not you need a translation for a paper, letter, document or article written in a language that you don’t know.

Dsclaimer: Please note that we are not responsible for any losses occurring from the use of a summary over a certified translation. A summary provides only a general idea of content.